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The GAA Performance Hub 

This is your biggest invitation to take your GAA performance to the next level.

Over 12 years i have amassed experience and success coaching at the elite and sub elite level of hurling and football.

I have always aspired to deliver intercounty level coaching support to players at all levels.


The performance hub does just that.


The Members Lab

The hub consists of an 24/7 educational platform called the members lab that provides the educational support to eliminate the guesswork in your performance. This is delivered through a instantly downloadable app.  


There are 3 main educational areas within the members lab of the hub.

1. The Training Area

2. Beyond the physical (mental mastery)

3. The Wellness Hub 

Each area contains a host of educational videos and supports.


Programming & Support

Each members receives access to their own personal directory within the app where they can gain access to their own individual programming.

Moreover, each client has an 1-1 check-in with Adrian every two weeks to access progress and trouble shoot any issues as they arise.

Added Extras

There is also an added extras section that consists of podcasts, coaching conversations, recommended booklist, blogs and more.


what people have to say.

"Since first meeting Adrian in the winter of 2018 I’ve been nothing but impressed by his approach to training us as a collective. Puts a people before player emphasis on all things, constant improvising of warmups to make them game specific and enjoyable!!! He has also introduced some extremely helpful and beneficial breathing and meditating techniques and is always a constant resource available to all players whenever needed! He has been a great asset to Limerick football over the last number of seasons."

Iain Corbett

Limerick Senior Football Captain 

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Ready to Compete
Ready to Win

"A man that lives and breathes by his beliefs. This makes it a pleasure to work with Adrian as he will understand what you can and cannot do and the best way for you to improve. An array of research, training and his own personal experience has led him to a place that makes him such a great person to work with. I could not recommend working with Adrian highly enough"

Podge Collins

All Ireland Winner & All Star Hurler

"I have worked with and learned under Adrian for over 4 years. Adrian is a leader in the coaching community. A man who lives his values in a quest to lead his family and community. Adrian is a go to man to support my own sports coaching. Merging science and coaching together to give his athletes the best chance of success. A leader and a learner."

Rohan Smith

Head Coach Leeds Rhinos

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