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Let me look after your physical development over the course of your GAA season. All my programs can be completed in conjunction with your GAA teams training schedule.

This starts our 6 week accumulation phase.

Like any pyramid THE BOTTOM CREATES THE TOP so this phase is based on laying foundations for performance.

During the first 6 weeks we accumulate volume in the gym that coincides with a short to long acceleration phase, extensive tempo running and phase 1 of my jumping program.

We will take advantage of a 4 day weekly cycle of 2 strength, 1 tempo and 1 acceleration day.

Once you have completed the accumulation phase you will be prepped to build upon these with the intensification phase…

Note – Please do not skip ahead, each phase is designed to build on each other with exercise classifications and intensities.


OBF GAA Phase 1 (Weeks 1-6 accumulation phase)

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